Our line of organic Salt Blends

​Okanagan Pink

c  o  m  p  a  n  y

Coarse Grind  

Available in refill pouch bags or stand alone grinder

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80g acrylic grinder with ceramic works

foot plate                                           $16.95

200g pouch bag - Medium Refill         $6.00

500g pouch bag - Medium Refill         $9.00

1 kg pouch bag - Medium Refill        $15.00

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Fine Grind  

Fill your salt shaker, Great as a finishing salt. Pouch Bags

Medium Grind  

Great as a finishing salt, perfect for a bath. 

1 kg pouch bag  - Coarse  Refill        $15.00

Okanagan Straight Up Salt

200g Straight Up - Fine     $6.00

500g Straight Up - Fine Grind     $9.00

1 kg Straight Up - Fine Grind     $15.00

500g pouch bag - Coarse  Refill         $9.00

150g pouch bag -  Course Refill         $6.00