Our line of organic Salt Blends

​Okanagan Pink

c  o  m  p  a  n  y


500g Himalayan Sole` salt Chunks  $12.00 

Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt in chunks, that do not dissolve quickly. Add as many of the salt rocks that you can fit into a glass jar with a good closing lid that is not metal.

Cover with a good water - non clorinated. 

let sit at least 8 hoursit will be 26% saturated  then each day to start the morning have 1 tsp of the sole` in 1 full 8 oz glass of water. 

this mineral rich tonic is so benifecial to your whole body health and can be more readily metabolized by your body. 

The Sole` will last a long time never needing to be in the dark or in the cold. only that you keep a lid on to keep out the dust and air pollutants. simply add more water as needed, when the salt is getting low add a few more chunks

1 tsp of Sole in a glass of water, will help the body Detoxify , Sole` is natural anti- bacterial and can help remove bad bacteria from the body.