Our line of organic Salt Blends

​Okanagan Pink

c  o  m  p  a  n  y

Why just put salt on your rim, why not add flavor!

All the minerals from the Himalayan pink salt, with all the flavor from organic herbs and spices,

Some use this in a shaker for at the table, on salads, seafood, etc. 

Rimmer Salt

Smokin Pepper Garlic Salt.    400 gr          $19.50

Chili n Lime       150 g.     $9.95

fine grind Himalayan pink salt 

Smokin Pepper Garlic Salt     150 g      $12.50

Fine grind Himalayan pink salt, blended with organic herbs and smoked slowly 

Chili n Lime     400g.           $19.50

fine grind Himalayan pink salt

Spicy Caesar Blend                                                     $8.00

Organic Celery, and a secret spice           150g