Our line of organic Salt Blends

​Okanagan Pink

Garlic Pepper Salt

Just as it comes straight from the Himalayan Mountains , Contains up to 84 minerals and trace elements

Pink crystal salt, fresh and delicate,  great with lamb,  on top of chocolate, in fresh lemonade... the uses are endless

Lemon Pepper

Certified organic peppercorns, green, white and black. 

All of our blendsincluding our Straight Up line are made with Himalayan pink crystal salt, homegrown organic herbs and spices.  Can contain up to 84 minerals and trace elements.

A simple addition to your daily diet that may improve your health, your well being and the environment.

Okanagan Lavender 

Get your Brine On

Salt and Pepper Blend

Organic citrus, and peppercorns with homegrown herbs; a great addition to  poultry, fish, and salads.

Pink crystal salt, with a zing! A favorite with almost everyone. 

Pick coarse for your grinder or fine grind as a rimmer for your caesar or margaritas;

also perfect as a finishing salt for roasted veggies on the BBQ

Organic Pepper Blend

Smokin Pepper Garlic Salt 

A combination of pink crystal salt, homegrown organic garlic, with chili peppers, black peppercorns and organic herbs, smoked with hand cut wild alder and maple wood. Great on meat , fish, eggs, salads coarse for a grinder  - or - fine grind to finish any meal, or use as a rimmer for caesars and margarita

​​Straight Up 

Chili N Lime

Pink crystal salt with organic pepper blend...  life is easy

A great addition to the camping box 


Pink crystal salt, homegrown rosemary, so very fragrant, on fresh veggies, or meat

Okanagan Pink Salt Straight Up & Blends

Pink crystal salt with lots and lots of organic  garlic here with the garden grown herbs, and peppers, 

c  o  m  p  a  n  y

A blend of pink crystal salt, raw cane sugar, wild harvested organic herbs - get a juicy bird! Make your own nitrate free bacon or corn beef.

Brine your nuts and or veggies before you dehydrate them/