c  o  m  p  a  n  y

   Lavender Bath Salts      1 kg              $19.95

Muscle Mender Bath Salts       1 kg     $19.95

Just Breathe, a combination of essential oils that include  eucalyptus, camphor

         500 g                                            $12.00

          1kg                                             $19.95

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Hippie Patchouli   500g                        $12.00

bath salt blend


Our line of organic Salt Blends

Hippie Patchouli  1 kg                           $19.95

Soothing Menders & Bath Salts

PMS  500 g                                             $12.00

Relief bath salt, essential oil blend  that include bergamot          

All the goodness of the Himalayan Crystal Salts. High in minerals. A unique mixture of pure Himalayan crystal salts, epsom and Dead Sea salts, sodium bicarbonate with blends of pure essential oils to help whatever ails you.  Sooth away the day

PMS bath salt      1 kg                           $19.95

Lavender Bath Salts      500 g              $12.00

pure essential oil, to help you relax

Muscle Mender Bath Salts    500g       $12.00

a Blend of essential Oils, to ease the Pain 

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